Italy is the sea; a fascinating country where live the famous Italian seaside lifestyle.

Breathe the salty aroma of the sea and the maritime pines; listen to the relaxing sound of the waves; lose yourselves in the charm of a unique sunset over the sea; live the authentic maritime traditions and the famous Italian conviviality in the ancient villages over the crystalline sea, with the old coloured boats and the typical fish markets; relax yourselves on a white sandy beach; enjoy the first-class services of a famous seaside resort or a luxury hotel and taste the colorful culinary tradition of the Italian seaside, characterized by the aromas and the flavours of the delicious Mediterranean products such as the famous Italian pasta, the fresh fish and seafruits, the famous Mozzarella cheese, the juicy citrus and the colourful fruits and vegetables, the sweet Italian pastries and the unique aroma of the herbs, as the oregano and the basil…

The Italian seaside is the most romantic wedding destination for a special event or an outstanding beach wedding in Italy.


Sun, crystalline sea, nature… The juicy yellow lemons and the sweety aroma of the zagara flowers… The famous Italian conviviality and the authentic and the delicious Italian Southern cuisine… The Amalfi Coast is the symbol of the Italian exclusivity and the Italian elegance; a charming natural area, UNESCO World Heritage Site, surround by breathtaking Mediterranean landscapes, precipitous on the blue sea, and beautiful villages.

The famous hilltop historical villages along the coast and the colourful fishing villages, such as Amalfi and Positano, the stunning panorama and the unparalleled sunsets over the sea, the aroma and the flavours of a warm and welcoming land will accompany you in the organization of your stunning Amalfi Coast wedding. Luxury hotels and elegant private villas with blooming gardens and panoramic views over the sea and the most finest panoramic restaurants will be the magnificent location where organize your astounding wedding in Amalfi, your luxury wedding in Positano or also your lavish wedding in Ravello.


Your wedding in Capri will be an iconic, romantic and exclusive experience in Italy.

The verdant and romantic Capri, the pearl of Tyrrhenian sea, is a wonderful Island loved by poets, writers and intellectuals, where pure nature, a thousand-year old history, the luxury and the elegance live together harmoniously: the most beautiful Italian sunsets over the sea, the colossal Faraglioni, the magnificent Blue Grotto, the colours and the aroma of the Mediterranean scrub, the labyrinth of the typical squares and the medieval streets, full of fine restaurants, gorgeous boutique and luxury hotels,… The atmosphere surrounds of a luxury wedding in Capri is absolutely incomparable.


Choose the tradition and the contrasting colours of the blue Mediterranean sea and the white of the most finest Apulian Masserie, surrounded by olive groves, for an exclusive wedding in Apulia. Discover the history and the centuries old traditions in the most world-famous and traditional Apulian villages as Ostuni or Alberobello with its famous “Trulli”, relax yourselves in the beautiful natural area of the Gargano or on the most charming beaches of the Salento and taste the delicious and authentic Apulian cuisine in one of the most refined and gourmet restaurant or Masseria.

Exclusive beach resorts and luxury white Masserie near the sea, or surrounded by olive trees, are the perfect wedding venues where  organize an outstanding wedding in Apulia, to enjoy the first class services of this wonderful maritime region and where discover the ancient traditions of this magic sunny land.


Live the extraordinary experience of an upscale wedding in Sardinia, among the sun, the white beaches and the charm and the first-class luxury services of the most finest seaside resorts and luxury hotels. An unforgettable voyage over one of the most breathtaking emerald sea in the world, past characteristic coves and fairytale and pure snow-white sandy beaches… This is Sardinia, a world-famous and gorgeous Italian island, loved by the most famous Italian and international stars and that strikes its visitors with natural contrasts, the lights and colours of a region that boasts old traditions, wild and pure nature and a delicious and refined cuisine, that mix perfectly the ancient traditions and the most refined culinary innovation.

The luxury Emerald Coast with the iconic village of Porto Cervo, the splendid natural oasis of the Ogliastra coast and the enchanting “Maddalena Archipelago National Park”, are just some of the most charming and gorgeous wedding destinations, where organize your premier and luxury wedding in Sardinia.


Sicily is a magic and exotic Italian island, where the nature, the crystalline sea, the history and the conviviality live together.

Choose to get married in Sicily is an iconic experience that you can live everywhere on the island: discover the thousand-year old history and culture in the the famous “Valley of the Temples”, UNESCO World Heritage site, loose yourselves in Palermo, surrounded by its beautiful noble palaces, breathe the Baroque atmosphere in the magnificent village of Noto, the pearl of the Sicilian Baroque, enjoy the historical and natural beauties and the luxe of the magnificent Taormina, live completely the spirit of one of the world-famous Italian crystalline sea along the splendid white sandy beaches or on the pure Aeolians Islands, discover the centuries-old traditions and the famous Sicilian conviviality and taste one of the most premier cuisine in Italy.

Organize a wedding in Sicily is an unique and timeless experience.


The scent of the sea, that blends with the aroma of the Mediterranean nature and the olive trees; the bright colours of the flowers; the breathtaking seaside panorama, the authentic atmosphere of the historical famous villages with small houses on the cliffs overlooking the sea. The Ligurian Riviera is a magical and historical area, loved in the past by poets and writers as Shelley, Byron, Petrarca and Montale and nowadays renowned it between the most famous Italian and International stars, who choose their exclusive holiday resorts, such as Portofino, Sanremo or Portovenere, for their holidays in Italy.

Organize a romantic wedding at the 5 Terre, UNESCO World Heritage site, a luxury wedding in Portofino or a sparkling wedding in Portovenere, surrounded by the majestic mountains and the rolling hills, that light up by the colours of the Mediterranean nature, and the shades of blue of the Ligurian Sea, to live an authentic and astounding Italian destination wedding experience.

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