The Italian countryside is some of the most beautiful in the world: the enchanting rolling green hills of the Umbria and the Tuscany, full of olive trees, vineyards and cypresses; the limitless expanses of the vineyards of the Franciacorta wine region and of the Piedmont and the Langhe, UNESCO World Heritage site, shine during the autumn season; the unspoilt panorama of the countryside near Rome, that surrounds the Bracciano lake; the magical atmosphere of the charming medieval villages nestled in the nature, where the time has seems stopped at the past; the superb culinary traditions, that satisfy every palates and all the sensations.

The splendid landscape and the unhurried rural lifestyle haven’t barely changed during the centuries and they are the symbol of the traditional Italian lifestyle… The perfect combination of history, art, culture and cuisine of the Italian countryside will offer an extraordinary attraction that’s simply magnetic, especially as the setting for an unforgettable countryside wedding in Italy, with the romantic boho, natural or country-chic feel.


Birthplace of the Italian art and culture, Tuscany is the most beautiful Italian region, the Top for every exclusive and upscale wedding and event in Italy. It’s rich of magnificent wedding venues for every taste, from the ancient countryside noble villas and castles, to the most renowned luxury hotels and resorts, up to the historical hamlets and farmhouses… Authentic places where you can breathe the scent of the ancient times, of kings, counts, ladies, knights and great masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Dante Alighieri.

Lose yourselves in the stunning landscapes of the Chianti and Val d’Orcia, discover the centuries-old historical and cultural heritage, visit the most important art cities and the most charming historical villages, enjoy the renowned Tuscan hospitality and taste the most famous Tuscan wine and food… A wedding in Tuscany is an outstanding Italian experience.


Birthplace of Saints and Warriors, Umbria is one of the most mysterious and fascinating Italian regions, not far from Rome.

The pure landscapes, the romantic green rolling hills, full of forests, olive groves and vineyards, the natural beauties and the most famous religious and historical cities and medieval villages, such as Assisi (UNESCO World Heritage site), Gubbio, Spoleto and Perugia will be the breathtaking background for every special wedding and event, among an important centuries-old history, the most important cultural Italian heritage, and a long and excellent Italian culinary tradition, in which discover the spirit and the flavors of the authentic Italian countryside… A wedding in Umbria is absolutely a relaxing and unforgettable experience.


Discover the pure nature of the Roman countryside, full of forests and olive trees, the bucolic landscapes and the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient villages of the South of Italy, walking along the shores of the Bracciano lake, a precious natural jewel just few kilometers from Rome, where organize an extraordinary and luxury Italian-style wedding, in a majestic castle, as the world-famous Bracciano Castle, or also in a typical farmhouse, for a relaxing Bracciano lake wedding, with a boho-country feel.


For the lovers of the Italian wine and food, the Franciacorta wine region is a memorable location, nestled among the Iseo lake and the vineyards of the most important producers of Italian sparkling wine, such as Berlucchi and Ca’ del Bosco. The Franciacorta is a charming natural area, not far from Bergamo, Brescia and the most important airports, that seduces you, thanks to its relaxing villages, the romantic countryside, the renowned wine cellars, the beautiful venues and the excellent culinary tradition.

A special event or an outstanding wedding in Franciacorta is an unique and exclusive wine and food experience… An authentic Italian Gourmet Experience.


Piedmont is a perfect wedding location If you love the Italian wine and food: an important cultural heritage; ancient castles and historical villages surrounded by the rolling hills, full of the most famous Italian vineyards (Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto d’Alba,…) and hazelnut trees; an excellent and refined wine and food, in which red wines and the finest truffles are the undisputed kings of the table… An outstanding wedding in Langhe or in Monferrato, now UNESCO World Heritage sites, is an exclusive and authentic Italian culinary experience.

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