Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

(Leonardo da Vinci)


Luxury destination wedding planner and events in Italy

Eclectic and innovative wedding planner, Elisa Prati is the synonymous of elegance, style and creativity in the organization of exclusive weddings and special events in Italy, for an international demanding and discerning clientele, beauty lover, who research an expert wedding planner, attentive to their requirements, extraordinary Italian wedding venues, exclusive services, maximum reserve, fully transparency and professionalism.

Specialized in luxury destination wedding and events in Italy, developed with the top of the Italian and international wedding planners and events, and after the studies in communication, graphic design and fashion design, Elisa Prati worked with event agencies, fashion agencies and important fashion and weddings companies, up to the creation of her wedding and event studio, a bespoke atelier for the organization of luxury weddings and events in Italy.

The great passion and the enthusiasm that Elisa Prati transmits in the organization of every event, the inexhaustible research of the beauty and the excellence; the meticulous attention for the detail, the style and the exclusivity; a refined creativity and the great empathy with all the couple of spouses, who decide to entrust her the organization of their wedding and events, make each Elisa Prati’s wedding and event unique and polished, perfectly realize to satisfy the requests, the desires and the dreams of every client, to give fascinating, unique and timeless emotions.

Lover of the conviviality, the Italian wine and food tradition, the art and the Italian culture; enthusiast in travels and fashion, Elisa Prati transmits all her passion and enthusiasm, her unique style, her love for Italy and for the Italian-style, in the organization of every wedding and event that excels all your expectations, accompanying you in a unique and exciting sensory journey to discover the realest Italy…

An authentic “Italian Wedding and Event Experience”!

Elisa Prati wedding planner and events is associated with AFWPI, American and International association that guarantee and promote a high level of professional ethics among its international associates, everybody worldwide wedding and event experts; choosing Elisa Prati and her event and wedding planner team, you be assured that the organization of your wedding in Italy will be provided by your wedding planner at a high level and with professional care, in respect of the Code of Conduct of the Association, that provides a set of precise rules of behaviour marked by diligence, loyalty, impartiality, transparency and honesty.

Elisa Prati, Luxury wedding planner and events Italy

” I love to capture the most intense moments and the most special memories, the most profound and timeless emotions and the most charming atmospheres, into a perfect balance of colours, melodies and fragrances, to create a thrilling mix of strong emotions, that represents yourselves… ” Elisa Prati

Wedding Planner and Events  in Italy

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Luxury destination wedding planner
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