A sensory journey among the authentic Italian-style experiences

From the high Dolomites mountain tops, to the green Tuscan rolling hills up to the enchanting crystalline Mediterranean sea… The unforgettable landscapes and the breathtaking panoramas of extraordinary and uncontaminated beauty, that thrill the spectator from the North to the South…

The art, the history and the culture of a nation that have seen birth along the centuries extraordinary artists, famous writers, important patrons, saints and warriors… A thousand-year old culture to be discovered walking in a museum, along the narrow streets of a Medieval village or through the beautiful monuments of a world-famous art city…

The creative inspiration of the luxury and the “Made in Italy” brand, undisputed symbol of style, elegance and innovation all over the world, to be discovered in the world-famous fashion designers’ boutique, in the typical and refined artisan ateliers or driving a fast Ferrari along the Tuscan hills…

The ancient Italian culinary tradition is an explosion of flavours and aromas, to discover in an unique and unparalleled wine and food tour, between tradition and innovation, to research the most refined wine, the ancient flavors and the most genuine products, tasting them in the exclusive dishes of the most important chefs or in a typical restaurant, enjoying of the authentic Italian conviviality…

The colors, the aromas and the flavors of a unique an thousand year-old Nation that seduce intensely every spectator who looks it not only with own eyes, but with the heart and the soul, loosing oneself between the infinite beauties and the marvelous surprises of the Italian heritage…

” I love Italy, our history and our culture… I love our panoramas, our flavors and our aromas… I love to host you in our Nation, bringing you in the discovery of our natural beauties, our breathtaking places, our extraordinary events, our authentic wine and food tradition and our “Made in Italy”, in a unique, thrilling and unparalleled Sensory tour, that satisfy all the Five Senses ”

Wellness Experiences

Fashion Experiences

Leisure Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Natural experiences

” Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life ”  (Anna Akhmatova)

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