The Italian art cities are the most appreciated Italian destination by the international tourists and couple of spouses all over the world.

The Italian art cities were the protagonists of the Italian history along the centuries, and they preserve an extraordinary architectural, cultural and artistic heritage, unique in the world. From the hectic metropolises, to the big cities, up to the ancient medieval villages, the Italian art cities have been the headquarters of the Italian governments and principalities, as well as the abodes of princes, kings, popes, patrons and artists, who transformed them in incomparable open-pit museums, where breathe the spirit of the past, for discovering the real Italian art and history, that live again along the ancient medieval streets, in the majestic squares, in the architectural and cultural heritage, in the artisan shops and in the authentic culinary traditions, in the markets, festivals as well as in the most-refined gourmet restaurants.

Imagine your dress cascading down the Spanish Steps in Rome; or image yourselves walking along the ancient streets of Florence, discovering its Renaissances heritage; or also a gondola ride in Venice to arrive at your wedding venue… Choosing an Italian art city or an ancient village as wedding destination, to organize a wedding in Italy or a special event, mean to give yourselves and at your guests a unique and timeless cultural experience.


Rome is an extraordinary open-pit museum. Discover, the thousand-year old history, art and culture and the unique charm of the “Eternal City”, a real treasure-trove of breathtaking architectural glimpses, superb artistic masterpieces, majestic historical buildings and a long culinary Italian tradition…

An unique location where organize every exclusive events, such as an outstanding wedding in Rome, on a beautiful panoramic terrace, with a romantic view over the Roman monuments, in a luxury grand hotel, in a refined gourmet restaurant or in ancient noble palace, rich of history and charm.


Florence is the diamond of the Tuscany, the city of the Medici family, and of the most word-famous Italian artists and writers, such as Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante Alighieri. A romantic and elegant art city, where breathe the authentic spirit of the Italian art and history.

A place in which the magnificent Italian Renaissance history lives along the streets of the city centre, in the word-famous cultural and artistic heritage, in the architecture of the ancient noble palaces and monuments and in its renowned and traditional Tuscan cuisine… A wedding in Florence is absolutely an outstanding and timeless Italian experience.


A wedding in Venice is an unique and exclusive experience. It’s the most romantic and lavish Italian city, loved by international stars, who choose it for their luxury weddings in Italy, and unique in the world for its history, culture, elegance, charm and mystery.

Discover the sumptuous noble palaces and the romantic canals on board of a traditional Gondola; walking along the ancient streets and enjoy the first-class services of the finest luxury hotels in Italy: a luxury wedding in Venice or an upscale event is the premier charming Italian wedding experience.


Milan is the capital of fashion and it’s an hectic metropolis, rich of history and elegance: discover the Dome, the Sforzesco Castle, Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” and the fascinating liberty style yards, hidden between time-honored palaces and luxury halls; go shopping in the most famous Italian boutiques and ateliers, live the spirit of the city during a stylish aperitif on a panoramic terrace and taste the high-class Italian cuisine of the most important Italian chefs in one of the gourmet restaurant in the city centre.

Both you want to organize a fashionable party in a modern open-space or on the most famous panoramic terraces, or also a lavish event in a noble palace or in a luxury grand hotel, Milan is the perfect wedding destination for every stylish event, such ad a luxury wedding in Italy.

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