Colorful elegance and sophisticated  charm for a luxury wedding at Palazzo Avino, Ravello.

“We chose Ravello for its beauty and romance. Scenery is very important to us and we Love nature’s beauty. We had heard the Italians were pretty friendly to Americans, and then after looking at pictures of Ravello it didn’t take long to decide that that was where we wanted to get married. The views were astonishing, and our wedding was truly a fairytale wedding”

Nothing as the lovely words of my spouses can describe better the outstanding beauty of a luxury wedding on the Amalfi coast.

The spouses didn’t have any doubt in the choice of the location for their wedding destination in Italy: Amalfi coast, and especially Ravello, had all the evocative and peaceful vibes that they were searching for their wedding in Italy.

A luxury Amalfi coast wedding weekend, in which the spouses offered at their guests a wonderful experience at the discover of the lifestyle of this area: from a friendly rehearsal dinner in one of the most typical panoramic restaurants of Ravello, to a daily trip at Capri by private boat, to discover the beauty of this unique island in Italy, up to a joyful lunch in a seaside lido on the island, before to return on the land… everything was unique and magic!

Also, the wedding at Palazzo Avino, in Ravello, was stunning! A profusion of greenery and flowers in the shades of pink and orange, that perfectly create the atmosphere of a blooming garden both for the ceremony and the reception.

The colors were an homage at the summer season and at the colors of the nature and the flowers of the Mediterranean scrub. These colors were the leitmotif of the event, used in every detail: from the flower arrangement, to the wedding favor ( a typical hand-painted cork with the traditional patterns of the Amalfi coast ), up to the luxury wedding stationary, realized using the precious Amalfi paper and hand-written in gold and pink by a renowned Italian calligrapher.

We chose to plan every moment of the event, putting great importance at the view and the panorama, to give at the guests a memorable memory of the wedding; for this reason, the ceremony and the aperitif were planning in the panoramic garden of the hotel: a lush flower arch framed the spouses and the panorama over the coast.

The ceremony was thrilling and romantic and the couple of spouses were beautiful with his black tuxedo and her elegant and sophisticated wedding dress.

After the ceremony, the spouses welcomed the guests at the moment of the aperitif: a relaxing, convivial, but also glamour, moment in which the guests were delighted by champagne, Italian wine and delicious appetizers… the sound of a jazz music in background.

Dinner was really exclusive. planned on the panoramic terrace of the restaurant,  and the atmosphere was the same of a blooming summer garden: a lush flower arch over the spouses’s table to emphasize its importance, a profusion of pink and orange flowers, pink candles, plexiglass and transparent details to give at the dinner elegance, glamour, but also modernity and freshness.

The menu was a great homage at the Italian tradition: a sublime mix between the refined quality of the Michelin star restaurant of Palazzo Avino and the authenticity of the Italian products, in an explosion of flavors and colors, also in the plate.

It’s the moment of the cut of the cake and the words can’t describe the extraordinary beauty of the flower set up and the wedding cake: a monumental wedding cake realized in three different flavors, to give at the guests the opportunity to choose their favorite one. A majestic cake painted in the shades of the color scheme and decorated with a cascade of flowers… all around it a lush decor of flowers and greenery! At the moment of the cut, a wonderful fireworks show lighted up the sky and it was the background of the first dance.

A glamour, but also relaxing, events, a luxury wedding on the Amalfi coast, in which the truly luxury wasn’t only in the preciousness of the details, but also in the exclusive experiences, authentic flavors and unique Italian vibes that the spouses and their guests discovered in every moment of their stay and their wedding.


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