Eclectic and innovative wedding planner in Italy, Elisa Prati is synonymous of elegance, style, and creativity in the organization of exclusive events and luxury weddings in Italy.

Her clientele is sophisticated, discerning, loves beauty and looks for a professional wedding planner in Italy attentive to their tastes and requirements. Most of the clients are surprised by the extraordinary Italian wedding venues and exclusive services that Elisa Prati can offer. Last, but not least, Elisa Prati works only with the best Italian wedding partners and suppliers, guarantees total transparency on prices and fees.

So much more than a wedding planner

After finishing her studies in communication, graphic design and fashion design, Elisa Prati worked with event and fashion agencies and important fashion and wedding companies. In a short time, she was ready for the creation of her own wedding and event studio, a bespoke atelier for the organization of luxury weddings in Italy and special events.

Specialized in exclusive events and luxury destination wedding in Italy, Elisa Prati developed relationships with the most important Italian and international wedding planners and events planners.

The great passion and the enthusiasm that Elisa Prati transmits in the organization of every event, the inexhaustible research of beauty and excellence are energizing. She has an eye for the details, the style and the exclusivity of a service.

Elisa Prati is very empathic and is able to understand the dreams, the fears and needs of a couple in a very short time. Couples decide to entrust her with the organization of their exclusive wedding in Italy because she can interpret people’s words and materialize them into beautiful events.

Her refined creativity is what makes Elisa Prati more than a wedding planner and what makes newlyweds and long-time couples very happy with her services.

Timeless emotions

Elisa Prati is very social and is a lover of conviviality. Elisa Prati also loves the Italian wine and food traditions, the art and the Italian culture. She is an enthusiast of traveling and transmits all her passion and enthusiasm, with the love for Italy and for the Italian style in the organization of every stylish wedding in Italy.

Every event always exceeds the expectations and the desires of her clients. custom-designed details and impressive experiences are what make Elisa Prati’s weddings and events unique. She aims at perfection with a dash of magic to create timeless emotions.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.
( Leonardo Da Vinci )

An authentic Italian Wedding and Event Experience

Elisa Prati wedding planner and events is a member of Belief Wedding Planners (BWP), an international community that connects professional wedding planners event professionals, discusses best practices and promotes weddings in different countries. As a professional network, Belief allows members to meet and collaborate worldwide.

In 2019, Elisa Prati also became member of WPI Wedding Planner Italia, an Italian association that works to guarantee high-standard of professionalism and competence in the wedding field, in respect of the spouses and the clientele.

Both the associations promote cooperation between members and encourage wedding planners to base their work ethic on diligence, loyalty, impartiality, transparency and honesty.

If you choose Elisa Prati wedding planner and her team to organize your luxury wedding in Italy, you can be sure that you will always receive professional care, in respect of the Code of Conduct of the Associations.

Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy, the truly Elegance for your Wedding in Italy

What’s the truly Elegance?
It’s the complete awareness of ourselves and our capacities and potentialities, as well as the capacity to express them with simplicity.

Elisa Prati Wedding Italy will bring you at the discovery of the truly Elegance, your Elegance.

The planning of your wedding in Italy will be an unforgettable journey in complete awareness, at the discovery of the authentic “kind Elegance”.  

From the set-up of the table and the mise en place, to the dress code for you and your guests, up to a complete analysis of your needs and preferences, we will plan together your luxury wedding in Italy, your unique “kind Wedding”, in respect of the truly spirit of the authentic Etiquette and Good Manners.

Because the real Etiquette is not only a group of rules regarding the aesthetic, but a complete discovery of our “Art of living” with awareness, independence, creativity and respectful of the others.  

Let me guide you in this unique journey at the discovery of yourselves and your uniqueness by your wedding, but paying attention at the well-being of your guests… A “Kindness Wedding”, a luxury wedding in Italy that will talk of you.

Elisa Prati is member of Accademia Italiana Galateo that it’s the first Academy in Italy in the research, study and education for the etiquette, the habits & traditions, and the good manners in all their shades, historical, social and behavioral sciences, included, to learn to live and enjoy own life in total independence and awareness of ourselves.

“Know the rules to have fun breaking them”

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Thanks to Debora Folla Photography


Together with her experienced team of professionals, Elisa Prati wedding planner in Italy assists you, plan the most amazing wedding ceremonies and big gatherings, select the exclusive wedding locations, delicious Italian food and wine and the stunning entertainments and experiences.

Elisa Prati wedding in Italy will organize your exclusive wedding in Venice, Rome and Florence as well as luxury weddings on Lake Como, Lake Garda and  many other beautiful Italian wedding venues. Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy will take care of you and your guests from the moment you arrive until you leave with luxury services and bespoke events.

Event and Wedding Planner in Italy

MOB: (+39) 339 63 51 420

EMAIL: info@elisapratiweddingitaly.com

SKYPE: elisaweddings.italy (by appointment only)


I love organizing high-end weddings in Italy and sharing with you my passion for Italian beauty and hospitality. Let me take care of your perfect wedding in Italy. Let's talk together about the most beautiful Italian wedding venues, the most exclusive concierge, event and wedding services, the custom-designed experiences and details, and everything you need to make your wedding dream come true, always exceeding your expectations.

Let me guide you through the most beautiful wedding locations in Italy: Venice, Capri, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily; I can suggest you the perfect place to fulfill your wedding dreams.

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