A truly, Luxury Wedding in Italy isn’t only a perfect planning of the event, but also the custom-designed, stylistic details that are the creative part of the wedding, fully representing  the essence of the spouses.

If you are organizing a luxury wedding in Italy and you want to create a stylish and unique event, that completely represent yourself, you can not concentrate your attention only at the planning of the celebration, but also at the develop of the stylistic vibes of the wedding.

For this reason, all my weddings are completely tailor made and carefully planning, started from the design of personalized weddings project, that represents the creative and artistic section of the wedding and in which it will be recognizable the deep essence, the personality and the unmistakable spirit of the spouses, with always an attentive eye at the rules of the truly elegance and the etiquette, to give extraordinary and lasting memories of own event.


The creation of all my luxury weddings in Italy and all my special events starts from the meticulous stylistic study and design of personalized event and wedding projects, to develop every creative and logistics aspect of your event, to create harmony and cohesion at all the details of the event.

It is an attentive, stylistic work that starts from the detailed analysis of the personal preferences of the spouses in relationship with the destination, the season, the logistics of the spaces and the entire event, to develop into a rich and complete study of all the creative details in a wedding or in a event: from the design of customized mood boards and wedding color schemes, to the selection of the most suitable materials, forniture, decors and fabrics, up to the design of technical sketches, maps and layouts for the flower arrangements, the music, light design and the set-up of every moment of the celebration, and the planning of the logistics of every day of your event, every element is carefully study to provide the basis to work in partnerships with professional flower designers, music agencies, fashion designers, graphic agencies and every sort of expert that will transform your project into realty. 

It’s a well-structured, creative work of research and design, that will provide you the first concrete and veritable presentation of your unique, luxury wedding in Italy.


One of my favorite part in the study of every personalized event and wedding project, is surely the design of the table settings and the mise en place of every dinner and wedding reception.

In particular, I love to study detail every element that is present on the table, from the selection of the finest porcelains and crystals to the stylistic design of the details like the menus and the flowers centerpieces.

From the most informal table setting for a rehearsal dinner in Italy or a brunch, to the most elegant and formal ones for a luxury wedding in Italy or a gala dinner, every element is selected in respect of the basics of the authentic “god manners” and etiquette, not only as simple decor, but also with a functional value to give a real pleasure at each commensal.

In fact, an harmonic and elegant table is always a gift for ownselves and own guests; an authentic sign of appreciation and gratitude for their presence and their company.


Planning a truly luxury wedding in Italy also means to offer at your guests a unique experience through the Italian artistic and natural beauties. For this reason, in all my wedding projects, I always propose you personalized activities and Italian Experiences, perfectly integrated with the style and the vibes of your event.

From personalized boat tours during a luxury wedding at lake Como, to sensory wine experiences, that can satisfy all your senses, for a romantic wedding in Tuscany, up to cultural activities like a private music concert or a private cultural tour for your exclusive wedding in Venice, in Florence or in Rome, I will propose you the best solutions to offer at you and your guests a completely bespoke and high-end wedding in Italy.


Together with her experienced team of professionals, Elisa Prati wedding planner in Italy assists you, plan the most outstanding weddings in Italy, special events and big gatherings, select only the exclusive wedding locations, sublime Italian food and wine and the stunning entertainments and authentic experiences.

Elisa Prati wedding in Italy will organize your exclusive wedding in Venice, Rome and Florence, as well as luxury Lake Como weddings, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Capri and many other unique Italian wedding venues. Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy will take care of you and your guests from the moment you arrive until you leave with luxury services and bespoke events experiences.

Event and Wedding Planner in Italy

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I love organizing high-end weddings in Italy and sharing with you my passion for Italian beauty and hospitality. Let me take care of your perfect wedding in Italy. Let's talk together about the most beautiful Italian wedding venues, the most exclusive concierge, event and wedding services, the custom-designed experiences and details, and everything you need to make your wedding dream come true, always exceeding your expectations.

Let me guide you through the most beautiful wedding locations in Italy: Venice, Capri, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily; I can suggest you the perfect place to fulfill your wedding dreams.

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